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The Zen of killing vampires

A very zen thing to do when all I can think of when talking to them is my quiet hope that a great big ACME piano will fall from the sky and land on them. Or perhaps Dorothy’s house from Oz. Hey, it already killed one evil witch. What’s a few more?

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The illusion of balance

Is life balance real or is it just illusion propagated by life coaches, self-help authors and bloggers in search of page views and easy content? Is balance a myth that we all chase like hamsters in a wheel?

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When all is gone, what is left

I spent tonight watching someone cling to life despite a rapidly deteriorating body. To me, the saddest part is she defined her existence as much by the things she accumulated (mostly trinkets and trash, not big assets) as bonds with others, many superficial. But in the whole process of life, there appeared to be little […]

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