Sometimes I think that life is one big freakshow. They used to round them all up and keep them in the circus. But now, with so many freaks and so little interest in the circus, they run lose among us. Today I met with a particularly scary and bothersome freak: the man without morals.

He is someone I have known for some years, and actually trumpets his ethics – even proclaiming them on his business card. Yet somehow, he takes pride in growing his business by screwing others and proudly told me of some recent conquests. My frat boy college roommate did the same, always telling me who he screwed the night before. But unlike this freak, the girls knew what they were getting and lined up anyway.

When writing this I was afraid that I would unintentionally “out” him, but I realized that I know several people that fit that description. Perhaps they can rationalize anything. Perhaps they think they are somehow better than others. Perhaps they think that as long they win nothing else matters. After all, it us just business, business is like war and your problems are none of their concern. I think at this point I’ve heard it all. Perhaps in our skewed modern day moralities this kind of behavior is acceptable, even rewarded or celebrated as ‘shrewd.’

In my opinion it’s disgusting and freaks like this should be rounded up and kept on display somewhere as a warning or cautionary tale to children, or adults that act like children. I don’t have all my thoughts together on karma, reincarnation and the world beyond, but since the circuses are gone I hope there is a special place for these freaks.

To those of you who leave a trail of human carnage, who keep the gold and leave your friends and colleagues with the shaft, who have had scores of employees and wouldn’t want a single one back, perhaps you should find out what the human collateral damage left in your wake thinks of you. If you don’t care, no worries. Fly your freak flag high and maybe one day the circus will come for you.

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