Don’t say shit like that, people can hear you

Last night I had the opportunity to go out and catch up on all the gossip with some guys from one of the local news stations, a CNN reporter and a freelance photojournalist. Let me tell you it was juicy.

Ok, I wasn’t really out WITH them, rather I was at the next table and no matter how much I tried to ignore them they were so loud it was hard to ignore. One glance at their table told me that they had enough social lubrication to keep the gossip flowing, but that really is no excuse.

The gossip was not juicy enough that if I repeated it people would lose jobs, but it was juicy enough for me to completely lose respect for some editors and there are a couple reporters I never will work with again.

One thing about Denver is that it is a very small town, which is both good and bad. Several months ago at lunch I heard some junior PR agency associates loudly bad-mouthing a client. I knew the client and he is unquestionably ethically challenged, but a very high paying client of that firm none the less. His office was across the street from the restaurant. Not smart.

Moral of the story: Don’t say shit like that, people can hear you. You never know who is listening and you never know what might come back to haunt you. I fully understand that sometimes you just need to vent, but take the high road when you can and be smart about it when you can’t.

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