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Colorado Economic Outlook

Yesterday I was invited to hear Pollyanna-level optimistic economist Patty Silverstein, president of Development Research Partners, tell the Denver Association of Business Economists about the state of the economy. Two slides in I wanted to throw up, even as she kept assuring the very high-level audience that it really wasn’t THAT bad.

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Trade shows are expensive, get your money's worth!

The cost of attending a show, now matter how big or small the show and no matter how big or small the company, is always significant and the decision to attend to not attend a show needs to be carefully weighed as either decision has implications for your business — both short- and long-term. I […]

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Are you a "fake Fendi" or is your lining real?

Fake and honest have been recent ponderances in my life, more about overall concepts than anything specific, but mostly as it relates to people. How did we transition from “honesty is a virtue” to “fake it ’til you make it” to simply fake? A look around my little world today revealed two distinct groups of […]

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