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Can you be creative and not artistic?

All my life I was taught that creativity means artistic talent. Artists are creative. I am not artistic, so why do I get angry when I don’t create anything?

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What are your rules?

Have you ever thought about the rules you live by? Forced by an interview request by my daughter for a class project, I had to consider mine and the life lessons that formed them.

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Old you, meet the now you

Imaging waking up and being someone else, but not exactly someone else. You are still you, but you are the you 10 years from now. if my self from 10 years ago popped into my life today, what would the younger me think?

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Stop shoulding all over your life

Stop thinking about everything that you SHOULD be doing and focus on being present in your life.

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Dear America, You’re starting to scare me a little.

Partisan politics because are based on the simple assumption that “I am right and you are stupid.” It seems we all took debate in school when we probably would have been better served with a class on understanding and negotiation.

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The Zen of killing vampires

A very zen thing to do when all I can think of when talking to them is my quiet hope that a great big ACME piano will fall from the sky and land on them. Or perhaps Dorothy’s house from Oz. Hey, it already killed one evil witch. What’s a few more?

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To those of you who leave a trail of human carnage, perhaps you should find out what the human collateral damage left in your wake thinks of you. If you don’t care, no worries. Fly your freak flag high and maybe one day the circus will come for you.

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The illusion of balance

Is life balance real or is it just illusion propagated by life coaches, self-help authors and bloggers in search of page views and easy content? Is balance a myth that we all chase like hamsters in a wheel?

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Stop multi tasking if you want to get anything done

So bottom line is this, multitasking is nothing more than some MBA’s excuse for his uncontrolled MBA and a whole bunch of people decided it was a good idea because it excused theirs. If you want to get something done, cut out all the other distractions and foc … Hey look, something shiny!

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How to break the shackles of perfection paralysis

Striving for perfection eliminates the possibility of success because success and perfection have nothing to do with each other.

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