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Innovate without failure

Instead of starting a project with a “go big or go home” attitude — which is the business equivalent of “hold my beer, watch this” — make a forked timeline with set milestones in advance.

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Drunk, stupid and taking care of your baby

I must be drunk. My head is foggy, I’m not really here, and when people talk to me I see their lips move and I hear sound, but the words have no meaning. When I open my mouth, words seem to have a hard time getting out. When I sit down I pass out instantly. […]

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Gratitude is a topic that seems to be top of mind right now and not just because it is Thanksgiving.

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Stop shoulding all over your life

Stop thinking about everything that you SHOULD be doing and focus on being present in your life.

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New Years Resolutions

It’s not an attempt at a new beginning, just some resolutions to make for a better ending.

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Not all batteries recharge the same way

September 14, 2008 I am writing this from the front porch of my friend’s Jan and David’s beautiful home in Castle Valley, Utah. Poetic writers would write something about the green leaves of the cotton wood trees rustling in the valley, or the way the green of the valley floor contrasts against the iconic red […]

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When all is gone, what is left

I spent tonight watching someone cling to life despite a rapidly deteriorating body. To me, the saddest part is she defined her existence as much by the things she accumulated (mostly trinkets and trash, not big assets) as bonds with others, many superficial. But in the whole process of life, there appeared to be little […]

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