Boost your signal to noise ratio for online bliss

Signal to noise ratio is one of the most important measurements in our world today. The difference between a great digital camera and one with a lot of shadow noise? Signal to noise. The difference between a high end amplifier and one that sounds better suited for the New York subway? Signal to noise. No matter what you are talking about, when you raise the signal to noise ratio, you vastly improve product quality.

It works in life too. And while I love social media as much as the next person, I have to admit that Twitter and e-mail are responsible for most of the digital “noise” in my life right now. Today I pruned about 100 tweeps from my Twitter feed, and will probably take out at least another 100. I got on Twitter to keep in touch with/keep tabs on friends (this was way before Facebook was mobile) and people that I thought were interesting. However, many of the people I follow are neither friends nor do I find them that interesting. So out they go. Suddenly Twitter is more useful to me, and no longer a time suck.

E-mail is next. Everyone is familiar with spam, but have you ever heard the term “bacon”? Bacon is the e-mail you get from e-mail lists or other junk that you actually signed up for. Very little spam makes it into my inbox, probably just a few a week, but I dump more than 40 messages a day that I have no intention of reading and important messages get lost.

What can you dump to improve your signal to noise ratio? Try it, you might be surprised how far a little cleaning can go in making your life better, cleaner, simpler.

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