A Master's Degree In Digital Marketing?

I was just asked by a marketing professor, if I thought it was prudent to create a Master’s program for digital marketing, if so should it be technical, tactical, or strategic?

I responded that I think such a program should be strategic/creative. The reality is that the tactical tools (Twitter for example) change too fast to teach in a university program. The signal to noise on twitter is getting very low as more and more people flock to it. However, the general principals of digital marketing (talk to your audience where they are) are not changing.

Digital marketing is about being found, being creative, and engaging people online.

I would expect someone with a masters in digital marketing to be able to develop an overall communications plan that included a blog, microblogging, netcasting (preferably video), fully SEO’d Web site (SEO by keyword, content, site map, internal and external linking, RSS), video production, and implement every one of the tactics.

There are a lot of people who understand marketing. There are a lot of people who understand digital media. There are very few who really understand both.

What do you think? Is there value in having a master’s in digital marketing, and if so what should it include?

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