Innovate without failure

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Instead of starting a project with a “go big or go home” attitude — which is the business equivalent of “hold my beer, watch this” — make a forked timeline with set milestones in advance.

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Can you be creative and not artistic?

All my life I was taught that creativity means artistic talent. Artists are creative. I am not artistic, so why do I get angry when I don’t create anything?

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What are your rules?

Have you ever thought about the rules you live by? Forced by an interview request by my daughter for a class project, I had to consider mine and the life lessons that formed them.

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Drunk, stupid and taking care of your baby

I must be drunk. My head is foggy, I’m not really here, and when people talk to me I see their lips move and I hear sound, but the words have no meaning. When I open my mouth, words seem to have a hard time getting out. When I sit down I pass out instantly. […]

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Old you, meet the now you

Imaging waking up and being someone else, but not exactly someone else. You are still you, but you are the you 10 years from now. if my self from 10 years ago popped into my life today, what would the younger me think?

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The power of the question

Last night I met with a PR account coordinator to interview her for a book that I am writing. I met her about two years ago when I was speaking at the University of Denver. I saw her again a couple months after that at a local PR awards dinner and spent a few minutes […]

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Building a solid foundation from a House of Cards

Media is changing. Well, not exactly. People are consuming media differently, but no one seems to notice. Appointment television (i.e getting home by 7 to catch the new Friends episode) has become binge TV — people want to sit down and digest entire seasons of a show at once. However, traditional broadcast institutions are built […]

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Gratitude is a topic that seems to be top of mind right now and not just because it is Thanksgiving.

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Stop shoulding all over your life

Stop thinking about everything that you SHOULD be doing and focus on being present in your life.

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Rumors of the death of public relations have been greatly exaggerated

Companies that work with a PR firm are 30 percent more likely to get funded and generally get more funding than companies that don’t.

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